Medical Malpractice Excuses

August 16, 2011 by Tony Caggiano

As a medical doctor/lawyer, Walter Ward has represented Orlando medical malpractice clients for more than 35 years. Over that time, he has seen medical malpractice lawyers representing doctors and hospitals invent dozens of excuses in an effort to distract juries from the medical misconduct involved. As Orlando medical malpractice lawyers, our clients can only receive a fair trial by exposing these defense tactics.
In medical malpractice cases involving a failure to properly diagnose and treat heart disease the hospitals and doctors will try to focus the jury on the patient's bad habits. Most people do not lead the perfect, healthy lifestyle. Whether it is fast food, too much food or smoking, chances are that a patient may have contributed to the development of heart disease.

Of course, how someone develops heart disease is not relevant to whether the doctors or hospital provided the appropriate medical care. Yet, the lawyers who defend healthcare providers know that juries can be misled by focusing on the patient's lifestyle. Unfortunately, unless the patient has a medical malpractice lawyer who knows how to take on this tactic head-on, there is little chance for the jury to address the real issues in the case. The patient's lawyer must be there to shine the light of truth on these defense tactics.

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