Medical Malpractice Lawyers & Patients Under Attack

October 8, 2011 by Tony Caggiano

Medical Malpractice continues, but doctors and hospitals are protected by medical malpractice caps on pain and suffering awards and other medical malpractice reforms. These medical malpractice legal reforms have dramatically impacted lawsuits by patients against doctors and hospitals. As Orlando medical malpractice lawyers, we see that patients who suffer injury and death at the hands of careless doctors and hospitals have a more difficult time to obtain a just result.

Indeed, a study published by Obstetrics & Gynecology boasts that the total number of lawsuits filed against doctors has dramatically diminished. By successfully attacking medical malpractice lawyers, laws have been changed to eliminate a patient’s right to be fully and fairly compensated for horrible injury and death resulting from medical malpractice. Sadly, if a doctor fails to pay attention and amputates an otherwise healthy leg, he can no longer be held to fully account for his grievous medical mistake. His patient’s rights have been taken away from the efforts of the powerful medical malpractice insurance industry.

It is unfortunate that patients must give up their rights rather than encouraging doctors and hospitals to commit less medical malpractice. Yet, it is because a future medical malpractice victim or family members do not know who they are, so few people think it important to protest the elimination of patient rights. The terrible moment of realization occurs when legitimate victims of medical malpractice find out that the medical malpractice laws directly affect them. Few people really understand the many changes that have taken place to prevent patients from holding their careless doctors accountable for needless harm and losses.

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