Gentamicin Poisoning Victory

October 23, 2012 by Tony Caggiano

While the dangers of gentamicin have been well known, terrible cases of medical malpractice continue to involve this antibiotic. While each claim is different, as gentamicin poisoning lawyers, we continue to find common elements in all of them.we Recently, we succeeded in winning a long and hard fought battle a retired gentleman.

After decades of hard work, our client decided to have back surgery to rid himself of nagging pain and to better enjoy his time with his grandchildren. Fortunately, that spine surgery went well; however, he was prescribed gentamicin for an infection. Sadly, it was presribed inappropriately, noone acted upon the signs of toxicity and his dizziness and imbalance became permanent.

For several years, the health care providers involved sought to avoid responsibility for the harm each caused. Yet, as we have done throughout our more than 20 years of dedicated practice, we refused to lose focus on our client’s best interests. We pursued the wrongdoers zealously and justice prevailed.

Why do we continue to see excessive use of this antibiotic? That question remains a mystery. What is even more stunning in our gentamicin poisoning cases is that the health care providers involved were well aware of the dangers. Each claimed to understand that even without excessive levels serious damage can happen. With normal blood levels, damage to kidneys and the vestibular system (inner ear) can still occur. That fact appears to be missed by the health care providers involved in these cases. While each may admit to such awareness, their conduct belies such an understanding. In cases where the gentamicin damages the tiny hair cells in the inner ear, we find a failure to act on signs and symptoms of poisioning such as balance difficulties, gait disturbances and dizziness. Either the doctors and nurses involved do not understand the dangers of this antibiotic or these doctors and nurses lack sufficient concern for their patients. Either way, such medical and nursing care is totally unacceptable.

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